CHEWY & AROMATIC ! How to make Traditional Chinese New Year Cake (Kuih Bakul) !



Chinese New Year Cake /Kuih Bakul

500g glutinous flour
500g sugar
550ml water
some banana leaves
2 unit 12cm diameter cake tin

1. The bigger cake tin you have, the longer time is required to steam it and vice versa.

2. Cover the cake tin with more layers of banana leaf to prevent the batter from leaking into the cake tin.

3. Make sure to cook the sugar with low heat, and observe it at all times, to prevent from burnt, as it will have bitter taste if burnt.

4. Add water while steaming when water in wok decreases , make sure to add hot water to maintain the internal temperature.

5. Do not pour more than 70% of batter into the cake tin because it will expand and overflow during steaming

1.Soften the banana leaves by soaking it in boiling water for a while. Cut the banana leaves into ideal size (Square-ish) and use it to wrap the cake tin . Tie it with rubber band . Cut another piece of banana leaf into a circle shape to fit the bottom of the tin.


2. With Low heat, cook sugar in a pot. Wait a little while until the bottom layer of sugar starts to caramelize and melt. Stir well. Leave it to cook until it starts to boil and melt from bottom again (as shown in the video ). Stir gently , and pour in water slowly while stirring. The caramelized sugar will be harden once contact with water. Just cook slowly until it is fully dissolved into caramel water. Set aside to let it cool to room temperature.


3. Prepare glutinous rice flour in a big bowl (sifted). Make a hole in the center and pour in the caramel water slowly and stir well. Sift the batter ,then cover with cling paper and let it rest for about 30 minutes.


4.Brush some oil on the banana leaf surface (cake tin). Pour in the glutinous rice flour batter and fill the cake tin about 70%. Cover it with aluminium foil.


5. Steam the batter with high heat for 30 minutes , then medium heat for another 2.5 hours. And that's it! Simple right ?