How to make Kuih Talam !!!



Kuih Talam
Green bottom Layer (Ingredients A):
50g Tapioca flour
25 g rice flour
25 g green pea flour/ hoen kuih flour
120g sugar
330ml coconut milk
5-6 pc pandan leaves

Top layer (Ingredients B):
15g Tapioca flour
15g rice flour
15g hoen kuih flour/green pea flour
1 TBSP sugar
1/4 tsp salt
270ml coconut milk
3pc pandan leaves

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Cookware Set:

1.Green bottom layer : Cut pandan leaves into small piece into blender ,put in coconut milk and blend until fine. Sieve the liquid and set aside.


2.Mix all of the dry ingredients A in a bowl , pour in pandan coconut juice mix well then sieve into a saucepan. Cook over low heat until mixture thickens, stirring continuosly with a wooden ladle. Remove from heat and quickly pour into tray/mould. Spread out to make an even layer.


3.Stem over high heat for 12-15 minutes. While steaming ,mix all ingredients B in a small saucepan , then cook over low heat till mixture begins to thicken or slightly thickening. Pour the batter over the green layer and steam for further 12-15minutes or till cooked.


4.Let the kuih cool and cut it into desired shapes and enjoy!!! :)
SPRINGY , "Q" , SWEET & AROMATIC Kuih Talam ! Can't stop eating!